Kerigma (En vivo)


Project carried out with the writer Emilio Loba. It is a piece for orchestra and female voice with an aesthetic that rides between the classic and the pop universe.

Vivaldi & Jordán: 8 Estaciones


Commissioned by the Spanish Camerata Gala on the particular vision, according to the compositional aesthetics of Rubén Jordán, on the famous Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi. In this work, Rubén Jordán deconstructs the Seasons of Vivaldi turning each of them into a movement for string orchestra and solo string quartet from a new perspective and a renewed sound concept.

Miró mi corazón


Project carried out as Resident Composer at the Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Creators (Fundación Antonio Gala para Jóvenes Creadores). Miró a mi corazón… he has the music composed by Rubén Jordán about poems by Antonio Gala. The interpretation is in charge of the Spanish Camerata Gala and Antonio Gala in the recitations, all under the direction of Alejandro Muñoz.